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We have an on boarding team that will walk you through a step by step video conference to get you up and running within two weeks of payment clearing. This way we can guarantee that you get a personalized experience first hand. International clients take more time because there is additional information needed and steps taken.

All prospects should have at least $5,000 – $10,000 in the when starting out fo fulfill orders within the first 3 months, but must continue to grow capital. We recommend using a card that allows you to take advantage of points and or cash back.

In the first 90 days as a new seller on Amazons platform, we focus on feedback, sales volume and performance metrics, so that we are eligible for the BuyBox. These are three of the key components to scaling an Amazon store and we must build trust with the platform because it is a new seller account.

Superior Dropshipping has dealt with all different scenarios of suspensions and we have a personal in-house suspensions team we’ve trained to write the plan of action to get your account reinstated within the shortest time possible. Over the years we have monitored brands and items not to list to mitigate the risk of all types of suspensions.

The first 90 days we are building trust with the customer and Amazon. After that time frame are expectation is to be eligible for the buybox and then we can start to scale the store with additional products being loaded daily. Most importantly we have to be consistent, but the time of year, feedback, and performance metics plays a big role in scaling a store to hit $100,000 in gross sales monthly.

Although Amazon only allows one store per household, if you decide to purchase multiple stores all information must be different. What this means is that the business, address, phone number, email, and other information must be 100% different.

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